How to Create a User in Office 365

Hi Everyone this is Prem, I have worked as Microsoft 365 support ambassador. In this blog I will share how to Create a User in Office 365.

To add an Office 365 user, we can add it from the admin portal and it can also be done from the PowerShell, we will talk about How to create user account using Admin portal here.

Steps to create a user in Office 365 using Admin center:

You will have to be a global administrator or a user Administrator to do it

Once you have the required admin account you can visit the admin center directly: > Users > Active users:

On Active users page click on Add a user:

Fill the required data of the user account as shown and check the option Require this user to change their password when they first sign in, if you want the user to change the password immediately after they login, once done hit Next:

On this page it will ask to choose the usage location of the user and a license for the user if you want you can create a user without a license by clicking on “Create user without product license (not recommended)” and Click Next:

License(s) can be assigned after user creation as well.

This page has optional settings, if you want the user to have admin access you can assign Roles to the user account, you can also update the profile information for the user here, once done click Next:

This page let us to Review our settings, once done click on Finish adding:

This is the final page of the user creation wizard, click Close:

You can search for the user created in the Active user page to find it:

In this way we can create user using the office admin portal.

Date: 3/08/2022

Author: Prem

Tags:How to Create a User in Office 365

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