How to Verify and Connect your Domain in Office 365

Hi Everyone this is Prem, I have worked as Microsoft 365 Support Ambassador for quite sometime, In this blog we will get to know how to Verify and Connect your Domain in Office 365.


In office 365 we can add custom domain and create email addresses with it as well, There are 2 action which we can perform with the domain, we can verify it or we can verify and then connect the services to Microsoft.


Verifying the domain allows us to be able to use the domain in Office 365 but connecting the domain helps us with sending and receiving emails from and to the Microsoft server.


We will talk about how to Verify and Connect your Domain in Office 365:

Go to Sign in with the Global Admin account. 

Only a global admin can perform these steps.


Click the Admin Tile:


Click Settings and then click on Domain:


Then Click on +Add a domain:

In setup Wizard, Enter the domain name which you want to verify in Office 365 and then click Use this domain:




Select “Add a TXT record to the domain’s DNS records” For how do you want to verify your domain Option and click Continue:


The next step is to copy the unique TXT value, TXT name and TTL provided here and create a TXT Record at the Domain DNS (where the domain’s Name servers are pointing) with the TXT record provided:


Once the Txt Record is created in DNS click on Verify option to confirm the Record is added correctly. 

It takes minimum 10 minutes for it to propagate the txt records and for Microsoft to detect it.


Only After the domain is verified we can connect the domain to start the email services with Office 365, Select Add your own DNS records Option:




To start routing email through ‎Microsoft 365‎, select ‎Exchange‎ and ‎Exchange Online Protection‎. Next, sign in to your domain DNS (Where you have your domain’s name servers) and add new DNS records that match the records shown here:


Copy the values below and paste them into the new records at your domain DNS provider, Like verification step above:



Expand each Records and use the value (Host Name, Points to address or value, Priority & TTL) to create the records MX, TXT and CNAME:


Once the 3 Records are Added Click on Continue, it will check if the records are added and if added correctly it will complete the setup automatically.


 Records Propagation takes time between 10 minutes to 72 hours.


 Mx record is used for delivering the email to Office 365

Txt record is used to prove that you are a valid sender.

CNAME record helps to configure Outlook application.


Do let us know if you have any question about this in the comment section.


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