How to Fix Outlook 500 Error in Office 365

Hi Everyone this is Prem, I have worked as Microsoft 365 support ambassador. We see a lot of ticket for Outlook 500 Error in Office 365, We have shared fixes for this issue on this post.


This issue occurs when we try to access the outlook or exchange admin center on the office 365 portal.


It mostly happens to a Admin account, so if you are a admin facing this issue then this blog may help you fix the issue.


So if you are a admin who has recently created the admin account or done some modification on admin account and face this issue please follow the steps below:

Go to and login with the affected account or a different Global admin account (if you have any):


Once signed in Click on the Admin tile :
Now Click on Users tab > Active user tab and search for the affected account :

After you click on the affected account, under Roles check how many roles are assigned to your account. In the image above you can see that the “admin” account has “Global admin” role assigned to it.



Click on manage role and uncheck all the unnecessary roles assigned to the affected account

If you want to give your account access to everything on the tenant, global admin permission is enough for that you don’t have to assign each of the permission listed here.


You cannot manage role of the account you are signed in with, you will have to sign in with different global admin account.


If you don’t have other global admin account you can create new global admin account


Uncheck the Admin roles and keep only the once necessary.


Once you have removed the roles and hit save changes button try accessing Outlook again, or if you were facing issue with Exchange admin center loading , try loading that again and check the behaviour.


If you have Outlook 500 error on a user account then you can check the following:

Make sure that the user account has valid mailbox license assigned.


Make sure Outlook on the web is not disabled, It should be enabled for outlook to work on the browser, you can refer this ARTICLE to check where to find the option.


If the issue is still not fixed the best option is to create a Support ticket with Microsoft: Steps to create a ticket with Microsoft support


These were the steps which we try to fix Outlook 500 Error in Office 365, do let us know if this helped in the comment.


Date: 07/02/2023

Author: Prem

Tags: How to Fix Outlook 500 Error in Office 365

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