How to Turn Off Outlook on the Web in Office 365

Hi Everyone this is Prem, I have worked as Microsoft 365 Support Ambassador. In this blog I am going to share steps which we use to Turn Off Outlook on the Web in Office 365.



Outlook on the web is basically Outlook application which is available when you login to with the account which has Exchange online plan license assigned to it:



How to Turn Off Outlook on the Web in Office 365
It will show you Outlook as an app under application and Once you click on it, it display you all the emails and you can send/ receive emails using it, it like a lighter version of desktop outlook:


How to Turn Off Outlook on the Web in Office 365
In some organization Outlook on the web is restricted as user can login on any computer’s browser and access their emails.


In this blog I will share steps to Turn OFF Outlook on the web access of a particular user, It is turned ON by default on a tenant so to Turn OFF we will go to Exchange Admin Center, sign in with the global or exchange admin email and password.



We will click on Recipient > Mailboxes > Select the user account on which we want to disable the Outlook Web Access:

A new window will open, under General tab scroll down till you see Manage email apps settings under Email apps & mobile devices as seen on the image above.
Click on Manage email apps settings:


You will find the status of the Outlook on the web for the current user account, if its is enabled you can click on Disable and then select “Save” this should turn OFF Outlook on the web(Also know as OWA) for the selected user account.



Now if the user login to on the browser they will not be able to access Outlook on the web.



In this way we can Turn Off Outlook on the Web for a user account. Do let us know if this helped.



Date: 14/06/2021


Author: Prem


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