How to Outlook Repair

Hi Everyone this is Prem, I have worked as Microsoft 365 support ambassador. In this blog I will share How to Outlook Repair. 


Microsoft Outlook is a part of Office 365 application suite and to repair the Outlook application we will have to repair the entire suite.


When to Repair Outlook:

If your Outlook on your windows computer is not working as expected and is going into not responding state when you try to use any of its feature or when your are simply trying to respond to a email.


It can sometime goes into not responding state even when we click anywhere on it after its open.


There are few thing that can be checked before repairing the Outlook application and I have mentioned that in the below section.


Things to check before Repairing Outlook to fix the Not responding Issue:

Check if you have enough free Ram on your computer:

Open Task manager application by searching it on the affected computer:

How to Outlook Repair

Once opened, click on Performance tab and check for the Memory available, It should have at least 2 GB Ram free.


For the above Image we can see that 56 percent of the Ram is being used and it should work without issue on this computer.


Once you have confirmed that Ram is not the issue, check if there is any Office application update pending.


Check Microsoft Office application Update:

Open Microsoft Word or any other office application and then click on File tab > Then click on Account tab > Click on Update option and select Update Now to check and update the Office applications:

How to Outlook Repair

It will check if there is any update and if there is any, it will update it, you can check the behaviour after update.


If the Issue is still not fixed we can also check if there is any update pending on the Windows OS.


Check if there is any pending Operating system update:

Search for Check for updates on your computer and then under Windows Update section click on Check for update, you should then see the screen as below:


How to Outlook Repair

It will check and will let you know if there is any update pending, if there is any, update it and check the behaviour of your Outlook application.


If all the above does not work for you and you want to Repair your Outlook please follow the section below.


Steps to Outlook Repair:

Search and Open Control panel on your windows computer:


How to Outlook Repair

Once opened click on Uninstall a program under Programs and it should show you all the application installed on your computer:


If you are using click to run version of Office application you can click on the Application as seen below and then click on Change:


How to Outlook Repair

It will then Prompt you for the type of Repair for your Office applications select Quick repair to fix all the local corrupted files.


If you want to repair everything in Office application, select Online Repair and then click On Repair as Shown above.


Click To Run version of Office application are downloaded from the Office 365 portal and has email address based licensing.


More on Outlook repair on Official Microsoft Article.


Do let me know if you have any question.



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