How to turn off Basic authentication in Outlook

Hi Everyone this is Prem, I have worked as Microsoft 365 Support Ambassador. We saw a lot of ticket for “ How to turn off Basic authentication in Outlook”. In this blog I am going to share a common step which we used to suggest to end users.

Basic authentication is depreciated by Microsoft starting from 1st October 2022, If your outlook is still working on basic authentication then you might not be able to login or connect to exchange on it.

When outlook is not connect to exchange it stops sending and receiving emails and it will keep asking for password again and again.

When Outlook is using basic authentication you get password prompt which looks like this:

To disable basic authentication (thus enabling modern authentication) we can follow the steps below:

The steps involve registry editor, Please take a backup of the registry editor first before performing the steps to turn off Basic authentication in Outlook.

How to turn off Basic authentication in Outlook:

Click on start on the keyboard and type, Registry Editor:

Right click on it and run it as an Administrator. Allow the permission if prompted.

Navigate to the path:



16.0 above stands for Microsoft Outlook 16, if you are using Microsoft outlook 13 then the path should be:


Right click on the Identity folder > New > DWORD (32-bit) Value:

This will create a new DWORD:

Right click on it to rename the new DWORD created to EnableADAL :

Once renamed, double click on it to change the value data from 0 to 1 :

Once done all the above steps it should look like this:

After the registry is added you can close and reopen the Outlook and check, It should now prompt for password with Modern authentication. Your account should be connected after adding the password:

These were the step which we use, do let us know if this help you to turn of Basic authentication in Outlook.

Date: 26/10/2022

Author: Prem

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