How to Perform Message Trace in Office 365

Hi Everyone this is Prem, I have worked as Microsoft 365 support ambassador. In this blog I will share How to Perform Message Trace in Office 365.

Message trace can be performed from the Exchange Admin Center and from the PowerShell as well.

We will talk about how to perform Message trace from the Exchange Admin Center.

Steps to perform Message trace:

Go to Exchange Admin Center, direct link:

Sign in with your Global admin or Exchange admin account, once logged in it should look like this:

Click on Mail flow drop down > then click on Message trace:

Once you click on Start a trace it should open a window form the right:

Here you can provide sender and/or recipient details and perform a search by clicking on Summary report under Report type.

You can provide date range as well by sliding the slider.

If you select Enhanced summary report or Extended report option the result will be generated in the csv and it will take time to create the file while the Summary report option provides the results instantly.

If you increase the Time range to more than 10 days it will automatically switch to Extended report.

If you don’t provide Sender, Recipient and Time range and perform a search it will show you all the emails sent and received for the entire organization for the past 2 Days.

This is what a blank search result look like(Results will be different for your organization):

You can check the status of the emails under the Status column to troubleshoot any mailflow issue.

If you click on any one of the emails in the search result it should show you the details of all the events that has occurred for the email:

In this way we can perform message trace in Office 365.


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